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Kalpena Group is a finance and trading company with years of collective experience, information and various educational backgrounds.

Our years of experience enable us to bring our readers a wealth of finance and trading information, news, reviews, handy tips and advice to help you forge ahead in both your personal and business finances.

With our sound investment and trading knowledge we are able to offer you all the news, reviews and top trading tips from around the globe.  Our constant vigil of the various markets and online trading investigations allow us to fish out and expose the not so legitimate trading companies and highlight those that will give our readers the best trading options for any level of trader.

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Our list of useful tools and books is hand picked by our top consultants in order to help you broaden your knowledgebase with regards to the financial, trading and investment markets paving the way to a brighter financial future for you and your family.

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Kalpena Group is the ultimate finance and trading blog that covers all the angles and bases helping you secure your future wealth.