The top jobs to have on Wall Street!

img7 - The top jobs to have on Wall Street!

The gold paved Wall Street!

Wall Street to many investment bankers, traders, etc. is what Hollywood is to actors and let’s face it those who do make it big on Wall Street actually live like rock stars, actors and some even like kings or queens.

Making it big on Wall Street

You are not going to get one of the top jobs on Wall Street by pouring over the classified ads, nor do they get passed through your run of the mill employment agencies.  Although you don’t really have to be a big Wall Street boss’s nephew or niece to land one of those top prestigious jobs, it is going to take a whole lot of nerves of steel and skin thicker than crocodile leather as you fight your way into one.

We have listed some of the top Wall Street positions:

#1    Celebrity Stockbroker
If you can take some form of verbal abuse on occasion, be hounded by the press and don’t mind being part of a flashy entourage and want to hob-knob it with the stars, this is a job you could possibly set your sites on.

#2    Mutual Fund Manager
If it is the thrill of chasing and closing that big deal as you take on millions of dollars in mutual fund assets then this is the job for you.  This career can have you riding high with huge investments on the line and very lucrative high-value returns that could fill yours as well as your client’s pockets with gold.  But this is not a job for the faint of heart because one mistake could send you hurtling into the street with not even the shirt on your back.

img6 - The top jobs to have on Wall Street!

#3   Financial Media Personality
If it is recognition, prestige and financial stability you are looking for then a Media Personality is the position you may seek.  These are the men and woman who are captured behind the cameras on the daily or weekly news channels and podcasts.

#4   Investment Banker
Investment Banking took a bit of a nose dive in 2008 but it is still considered one of the most prestigious Wall Street positions and is still a sure route to making a small, if not amassed, fortune especially if you are able to get into the right firm at the right time.

#5   Hedge Fund Manager
Although once considered to be smarter than the average broker and able to turn in bigger profits, they have recently come under a lot of fire making investors reconsider their options.


Wall Street is a tough cut-throat environment one in which you are not going to make it to the top by sheer luck or sitting meekly at a desk.  It is a place where you reap what you put in and to succeed is going to take sheer will, determination and a great deal of hard work whilst constantly keeping an eye open for that moment of opportunity!

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