What is the best way to learn about stock trading?

img1 - What is the best way to learn about stock trading?

Tenacity, trial and error are the traits required of a new investor!

Stock trading can be a perilous but rewarding career and or past time for those who would like to dabble.  But learning the trade and getting to grips with it takes a lot of grit as you press forward through gaining experience and know-how through pure trial and error.

5 best ways for a new trader to learn about stock trading

Learning the stock trade is much like learning to walk or ride a bike, you are going to have a lot of heart rendering near misses, a good few scrapes, bumps and crashes along the way.  But with some grit, a can-do attitude and a will to succeed topped with access to multiple quality resources you are well on your way!

How do you get started?  Here are 5 sure ways to start you in the right direction:

#1    Read books –  there are many great books on the stock markets including beginner’s guides as a great place to start is on Amazon.com or attend some seminars on the stock market trading as you are bound to get a lot of good advice and meet key people who can help you there.

#2    Get an online stock broker account as most subscriptions come with a host of handy tools, calculators and information packs to familiarize yourself with the lay of the markets.

img2 - What is the best way to learn about stock trading?

#3    Study some of the great investors such as Warren Buffett who has published a lot of helpful information and guides for both new investors and seasoned ones.

#4    Follow and read up on the markets with some good resources such as Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal for the up-to-date market trends and trading news.

#5    Use a virtual stock exchange account with practice games such as the one offered by MarketWatch to practice trading before jumping into real-time trading with real money.


Just like anything in life stock trading is a lot of hard work and you are bound to take some very hard knocks but if you push through and are successful it has a lot of great rewards.

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