Useful Tools

useful - Useful Tools

For Investors, brokers and even for your personal finance useful online tools and calculators come in handy!

We have selected some handy financial and investment tools for our readers

Here are some useful tools from some of the top marketing, investment and financial websites:

Economics Calendar from “” offers a unique and comprehensive economics calendar for traders listing all the occurrencesof the market-moving events broken into clearly defined sections. You won’t lose out on any of the key market movement events again with this calendar

Financial Times Economic Calendar and market data

The Financial Times offer a comprehensive Economics Calendar that comes with a whole host of other valuable tools, calculators and market-related data information, forecasts, news and reviews that any trader or finance person would find useful.

Investment Tools from Marketwatch

Marketwatch offers a host of free-market investment research tools such as fund finders, ETF profiles, IPO, after-hours trading, stock screeners and a whole lot more.  A site worth visiting for all your investment tools.

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commissions,, the website offers free financial planning tools and calculators such as a compound interest and savings calculator, social security retirement estimator, mutual fund analyzer and more.
This site has a whole lot of valuable investment and financial information that all U.S. citizens should know including handy search tools that allow you to check out your investment professionals!


These are only some of the great tools the internet has to offer for both professional and personal finance and investments.
Please contact us should you have some handy tools and calculators to offer, questions or queries and be sure to check out the list of finance and investment books we have handpicked for our readers.